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About Us

Since opening in 2004, the owners of Curry Curry Thai Restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia have been serving up the authentic, fragrantly aromatic national cuisine of their homeland. Ingredients such as top-quality rice grown in Thailand, market fresh vegetables and hand-picked fresh spices blend together to bring a delicate balance between the four taste senses: sweet, salty, spicy and sour. And they do it without breaking your budget. The ample portions are very reasonably priced. Bring the entire family to feast on this healthful, unique cuisine and you will become an instant fan of Thai food.

The founding chef, Mr. Lim, comes by his passion for food naturally. His family has been in the restaurant business for generations - his grandfather’s restaurant was voted one of the best in Bangkok! He had a dream to introduce American customers to these healthy, delicious curries and stir-fried dishes packed with flavor. Although he passed away several years ago, the family is keeping his dream alive with Curry Curry Thai.

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